Vintage Oktoberfest Invitations

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Vintage Octoberfest Invitation Octoberfest Girl OktoberfestInvitation10blog Octoberfest or Dad's Baby Shower Invitation Beer Party Invitation
Weathered Rustic Paper Oktoberfest Invitation Rustic Weathered Charming Oktoberfest Invitation Beer Tasting Beer Garden Beer Festival Invitation
Octoberfest Invitation Circular In-the-Round Golden Rustic Vintage Octoberfest Invitation Simple Minimalist Octoberfest Invitation Gold Rustic Vintage

Originally held in 1810 to celebrate King Ludwig’s marraige to a Princess Therese, the citizens of Munich and the whole world now fly the Oktoberfest banner to celebrate family, friends, food and of course, beer! If you happen to be hosting an Oktoberfest celebration, or a beer tasting event, these vintage customized Oktoberfest invitations are an elegant and easy way to get the word out. Many of these cards can also be customized to suit a non-Oktoberfest events like baby showers for men, beer tasting, beer festivals, beer gardens, or any raucous occassion you may be planning.

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