Women’s Birthday Invitations

Classic Art Nouveau Deco Birthday Invitation Custom Red Hair Girl Art Deco Nouveau Woman's Birthday Invitation 60th Surprise Birthday Party Invitation Custom Women's
Woman's Birthday Invitation Vintage Pink Floral Pattern 1950's Surprise Birthday Party Custom Invitation Vintage 1950s Birthday Invitation Retro Girl
1950's Surprise Party Invitation 1950s Pinup Girl Party Invitation Birthday Invitation Woman Turning 50 Insert Your Own Photo

Vintage, classy, sassy or sentimental, these woman’s birthday invitations are great for covertly or openly inviting a group of friends to a secret or not-so-secret party. Featuring gorgeous artwork by Art Nouveau painter Alphonse Mucha, 1950s commercial painting and gold embroidery, these vintage and modern invitations are a fun and effective way to round up the crowd to celebrate that special woman!

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